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Covid-19 News and Protocol 

Before Class:

  • If you've tested positive for Covid-19, make sure you are symptom free and test Negative before returning to the studio. Due to the nature of our business, we're taking an abundance of caution and want to create a safe and trusting space to practice.

  • Anyone exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to leave and return when you are healthy. 

  • Make sure you are in good health. If you are sick (even if you don't have covid) please do not come to class until you are well.

  • Register for class online HERE. Registration is highly recommend.

  • We also recommend downloading the Mindbody Online app to schedule classes. This is the easiest way to book, cancel and make purchases.

  • Mat/towel rentals will not be issued at this time. Bring everything you need otherwise we have mats and towels for sale.

  • Lockers are available, bring your own lock.

  • If you are a new student, please try to register ahead online! All package purchases can be made online or in studio.

  • Please be patient at the sign in desk, we check in students 1 at a time.

  • Be on time! If you're running late call and if possible you may be able to come a few minutes late.

  • Do not come to the studio more than 30 minutes before the class start time, doors will be locked. We will need time to sanitize before and after class.

  • For everyone's safety, no extra guests may wait in the studio while classes are in session. Only those taking class are allowed.

  During Class:

  • Only bring in your mat, towel(s), water and props if needed into the yoga room. Leave all other items in the lockers or leave valuables at home.

  • Stay on your mat during class, we will turn our bodies instead of stepping off the mat. 

  • Cover any coughs or sneezes with a towel or your elbow. If coughing is excessive you may be asked to leave.

  • Take a break if needed, we are all getting back into the swing of things! Be kind to yourself.


After Class:

  • Wipe up any sweat around you (please bring extra towels if you are a heavy sweater, leaving puddles on the floor is not acceptable). We sell yoga mats and yoga towels specifically designed to absorb sweat and stay put.

  • Enjoy the peace and energy you’ve created for yourself in class.

  • Register online for your next class! You are able to do so 7 days in advance!

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