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Do I need to sign up online before taking a class?

Registration for class is highly recommended. By signing up ahead of time you'll secure your spot in the class. If you don't register ahead and there is room, you may take class! 

If the class is full, keep checking back! Many times people cancel and a spot opens up.

Why are some classes heated?

Some classes are practiced in a heated room, to promote cellular metabolism, detoxification, and suppleness of the muscular system – all of which provide greater safety and health benefits to the student when doing the poses. The room is heated to make your stretching more pleasurable and effective.  Practicing not only increases our supplies of oxygen, but it also teaches us how to use that oxygen properly – we learn to control the breath through pranayama.


Do you have showers and changing areas?


Yes! We have showers for women and men. We also have large changing areas. There are lockers and cubbies to store your belongings- please bring your own lock. Some people like to come to class before or after work. Feel free to use our facilities to make it easier to incorporate your yoga practice around your busy schedule.

How soon should I take my second class?

Take your second class as soon as you are able.  You have awakened and stimulated every system in your body with your first class, even if it seems like all you did was struggle and sweat! Each class builds exponentially on the next. This is where your yoga journey begins.
How much water should I drink?

We recommend that you drink at least half of your body weight in fluid ounces daily. This helps flush toxins from your body that may be stirred up during your class. Especially in the hot classes, you should also be replenishing your electrolytes with supplements or beverages such as coconut water, electrolyte powder or Gatorade which are all available for purchase.

Should I eat before class?

We recommend that first-timers for hot classes do not eat for 2-3 hours before your class. As you practice, you may find that you can digest something small before class, so listen to your body. If you need something to tide you over before class, we recommend a piece of fruit or something else that is small.

I feel like I'm not progressing and I'm getting frustrated.

Be patient with yourself and your practice.  Yoga is a process that takes time to master and is a constant challenge to improve.  Be aware of where you are today and what you've accomplished so far. Notice your steady improvement, and be proud when you achieve something in your practice, such as the first time you can touch your toes.  Acknowledge all achievements, no matter how small.  

Why is it so hard for me to be still between postures?

As you build your ability to focus your mind and still your body, the struggle during class will quickly disappear. Keep your mind focused on yourself and your breath, and tell yourself that you can and will do the best you can today.  

Why do I sometimes feel like I want to cry or laugh?

Yoga is very powerful and works on all levels to heal us. Your body and mind will go through emotional releases such as anger or laughter that will feel strange at first. These releases can also include soreness, the flare-up of old injuries, etc. This is all normal. Typically, students think that they are injuring themselves further in class, and often stop coming. The opposite is true. This is part of the healing process. You will heal faster if you continue your yoga practice and, if possible, come more often (Always check with your doctor if you have any medical concerns). 

Why does it seem like my practice isn't getting progressively better but goes up and down?

Let go of preconceived notions and experience each class like it is your first class. Through your practice, your body will go through many changes, and these changes will show in changing the difficulty of postures. One day, you will struggle through your favorite posture and master your least favorite or one class will be miserable. Don’t become discouraged, as this is also part of the healing and learning process. Very soon the miserable class will be followed by a major breakthrough in your practice.

I'm not as good as the other students and I feel awkward.

No one is going to judge or criticize you. Your fellow students are working too hard to notice you. As long as you give your best effort, and attempt all of the postures to your best ability, you gain 100% of the benefits; exactly the same as the person who can do every posture perfectly. Concentrate on yourself during class, drop all expectations and you will see your body, practice, mind, and life transform in front of your eyes.

Will the instructor correct my postures and give me advice?

The teachers offer corrections during class.  Proper alignment in poses is very important to avoid injury.  Ask your instructor questions!  

Along with our regular instructors, San Diego Yoga Center will host visiting teachers and posture clinics.  Posture clinics will be held periodically and provide the opportunity to have certain postures deconstructed and explained in detail.  These clinics will have a very limited enrollment so that students may receive personalized corrections and feedback about their postures and students may ask questions.  All posture clinics will be in addition to our regular classes and require a fee to attend.  Check our website for posture clinic dates or sign up for our emails and receive notices to your inbox.


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