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Anthony Burkart


Beginners Hot Yoga

Advanced Yoga 

After more than two decades of yoga practice I now more than ever appreciate and understand the benefits and results it produces. I am still enthralled with the feel of my own breath, body, stillness of mind, mental clarity, profound thought, and well being all of which yoga practice awakens. At this point it's not possible for me to live my life without the practice of yoga. I have truly found my path and as a yoga instructor I will do my best to help you find yours. Namaste.


Charlene Ohri


Beginners Hot Yoga

Kids Yoga

I took my first yoga class in 2005 and after taking class I was in love with the way I felt inside and out and how it challenged my entire being. My yoga practice was changing my life and I felt called to share yoga with others. I was certified to teach in 2011 and became co-owner of the studio in 2016. I love sharing my love of yoga, the discipline it takes and helping students forget the outside stresses of life. Outside of the studio, I'm raising a family with my husband Shawn- showing our kids Anisah and Kash all the wonderful things San Diego has to offer. I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your yoga journey. Take a leap of faith and see where it brings you.


Lesli Lounsbury

Beginners Hot Yoga

I started practicing yoga in 2000 and immediately fell in love with it. I decided to become a certified instructor in the spring of 2001 to share the amazing benefits. In 2003 I won the title of the 1st International Yoga Champion. This allowed me to travel the world teaching, coaching, judging and demonstrating. When I’m not in the yoga room, I’m a hairstylist and herbalist. I really enjoy helping people look and feel beautiful from the inside out. In my free time, my husband Ken and I love outdoor adventures.


Brie Kueber

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga has made me more kind, compassionate, and present. I finished my 200-hour teacher training in August 2019 with a focus on trauma-informed and mindfulness-based yoga and am Reiki 2 certified. I believe we all hold our pasts, daily stresses, and personal or generational traumas in our bodies. This causes us to no longer trust our bodies and creates a barrier between our mind-body connection. We as teachers must provide our students with options and empower them to make the choices that will feel best for their body, whether that is to flow through a Sun Salutation or to rest in Savasana for the entire class. In my classes, I emphasize staying in the moment by syncing breath to movement and checking in with sensations and thoughts that come up throughout practice. I strive to make all of the classes I teach feel safe and accessible to all abilities, bodies, and expressions.


Artie Capozzi

Beginners Hot Yoga

I started practicing yoga when I first moved to southern California in 2001. Immediately noticing the powerful healing benefits of yoga, I quickly devoted myself to a steady practice. Over the years yoga has helped me heal injuries, prevent illness and develop physical, mental and emotional strengths in ways I could have never imagined. Experiencing even deeper levels of the psychological healing benefits of yoga as I slowly overcame losing my father in 2015 to cancer, I decided to take on a teacher training to help share what I've learned through the years of a strong and steady practice. This yoga has become such a foundational necessity to my life seeing me through difficult and challenging times as well as helping me live at my highest level of being that I am forever grateful and devoted to practicing and teaching this yoga to my best abilities.


Delaney Farrell

Vinyasa Flow 

I started my yoga journey in 2012 with a free week at a yoga studio. I was young, I had little to no flexibility and absolutely no body awareness. I struggled and sweat a TON, but after the first class I took, I was hooked. I signed up for a 200-hour power yoga teacher training in 2013, which gave me more knowledge about yoga, but I didn't feel ready to teach. I kept a daily practice after that and looked for more ways to engage my yoga practice. In 2015 I completed a 100-hour power yoga with weights teacher training, which strengthened my body and mind. Finally, in 2016 I made the decision to go to yoga's birthplace, India, where I completed my 200 hour Hatha yoga training. Yoga is such an integral part of my life, it inspires confidence and love for myself and gives me mental clarity. To this day I still maintain a daily practice and it's something I want to continue with for the rest of my life. Whatever problems life throws at you - your mat will always be there for you. Namaste!


Candace Callihugh

Vinyasa Flow

I found yoga in 2009 when looking for another way to burn off steam after running avidly for over 20 years. I’ve been practicing regularly ever since. Yoga has become more than just a form of exercise – it’s a lifestyle that has changed my overall perspective. 

My aim as a teacher is to create a safe and grounding space for my students, where they can cultivate deep body awareness. My classes are ignited by carefully chosen music and a focused theme.  

I’m a Texas native, Navy veteran, and now work as a civil servant. I have over 28 years of combined service to the Department of the Navy.  I moved to San Diego in 1993 and have lived here ever since.  I love spending time outdoors with my husband, Tim, and our rescue dog, Utah. 


Renda  Nazzal

Vinyasa Flow

Born and raised in San Diego, I love being outdoors and played sports from a young age. After sustaining an ankle injury during college soccer, and deciding to try a new form of movement, I joined my first yoga class and was quickly drawn in. I maintained a home practice for many years while traveling and living abroad, and upon returning to San Diego in 2015, discovered the meditative and healing practices of Hatha and hot yoga. It was then that my connection to yoga began to blossom. I received my 200-hour yoga teaching certification in early 2018 and have been blessed to share my own journey and teach the beautiful practice of yoga ever since! Outside of the studio, I spend my days brewing tea at The AubreyRose Tea Room and tending to my home garden.

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Inferno Hot Pilates

Dorian Lopez

My name is Dorian and I am originally from LA. I moved to San Diego in 2014 to be with my Navy Chief and now husband, Louis. The same year, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an auto immune disease in the arthritis family. In my quest to live pain free and medication free, my research led me to discover the practice of Bikram yoga as a healing tool. I have been in love with the hot room ever since. Outside of the hot room I practice law, teach Zumba, and am a mother to three awesome kids, Vincent, April and Jules. In 2018, I became certified to teach Inferno Hot Pilates. I love a challenge and I enjoy motivating my students to do their best. My favorite part about teaching is seeing my students' happy smiling sweaty faces at the end of class.


Mercedes Martinez

Beginners Hot Yoga

I was born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic and am one of a dozen kids. I moved to NYC at the age of 12 and enrolled in the United States Marine Corps soon after graduating from High School. The Marine Corps is how I made my way to sunny San Diego where my passion for yoga began. I've practiced many types of yoga but Bikram Hatha yoga is where my heart is at and what I've been doing for many years. 

Aside from yoga my hobbies include hiking, cooking, biking, sewing, listening to live music, watching theater productions and a nice walk on the beach to name a few.

My favorite quote is........Life is a journey enjoy the ride. 


Eric Applegarth

Vinyasa Flow

Life took a turn for the best when I found yoga over eight years ago in San Francisco. I believe that the practice of yoga can help everyone reach an authentic connection with oneself. In 2017, I made the decision to become a 300 hour certified yoga instructor, specializing in hatha and prenatal yoga. My intention is to hold space for an alignment focused class providing guidance, stability, and strength. Come share your practice and connect with your best self.


Mayra Gonzalez

Vinyasa Flow
Hot Yoga Flow

Yoga has helped shape the person I am today. After years of suffering from chronic back pain and sciatica, I was introduced to Bikram in 2014. Once I finished my first 200 Hour training in 2016, I quit my job as an Operations Manager to teach full time ever since! I have continued my education with a second 200 Hour training, two intensives (Yin/Restorative and Yoga Sculpt) and am currently working on a 300 Hour and Trauma Informed course. My goal as a guide is to spark inquiry in students to take their practice where they need to everytime they show up to their mats. Outside of teaching, I am a writer, baker and enjoy bike rides as well as time with my two babies, Roxy and Woody. Come take class and enjoy the extended savasana and sound bowls!


Shane Cochran

Beginners Hot Yoga

There is nothing that pushes me to be a better person than hot yoga. I began practicing in October of 2011, excited but very shy and extremely scared of the unknowns of hot yoga. I had only taken one yoga class before, at Grossmont College, but it didn't motivate me. Throughout my first hot yoga class, I couldn't stop grinning. Ever since then, I have improved emotionally, physically, mentally. I am a stronger person all around because of this yoga and I look forward to helping people discover what they're capable of.


Amy Scher

Beginners Hot Yoga

I began my practice in 2008 in Ashland, Oregon. I soon realized that Bikram Yoga was special and transformative. In 2011, I made the decision to go to Bikram's teacher training. I have had the opportunity to teach in Chicago, Kauai, and now here in beautiful San Diego. It is with gratitude that I get to teach and share yoga with all of you.


Violet Diaz

Beginners Hot Yoga

I started my yoga practice in 2008 and immediately became addicted. I've always suffered from anxiety. Bikram yoga helped me with it and continues to help me. I've learned so much about myself through my yoga practice and best of all to understand that life is ok, even when it’s not ok. The energy I get from my yoga practice explains why I still practice it today. I always invite my family and friends to join me so they too can see the good yoga has to offer. If I find the treasure I want others to benefit from it too. In 2019 I got the privilege to learn from the best teacher one could ever have (Anthony Burkart). Now I have the ability to help others through yoga and that warms my heart. When I'm not practicing yoga I'm busy being a mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. Creating memories is what I live for. I hope to see you in class.


Sari Brody

Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga

I started practicing Bikram hot yoga regularly in 2010, to help relieve stress and to improve my sleep; shortly after the beginning, yoga became a passion for me and the yoga community became my second family. As a person who loves variety, I later ventured into Vinyasa yoga. Realizing the effect it had on my physical, emotional and spiritual life, I decided to deepen my practice and went to the source, India, for an intensive 5 weeks teacher training. It was a life altering experience, which shifted my perspective on life off-the-mat; it added a different dimension to my professional work with human-rights and equality. I have been teaching since 2017. Recently, I got certified in Yin yoga as well and I love the combination of the dynamic flow of vinyasa and the passive, introspective Yin practice. 

Israeli born and married to an American, we live in San Diego with our son Orion and Spanish Water Dog Indalina.


Roxanne Alvarez

Inferno Hot Pilates

Bio coming soon!


Jake Symons

Beginners Hot Yoga

I was first introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2002. I was an injured athlete with a torn hamstring and Bikram yoga allowed me to heal my body and to become one of the top hurdlers for California. I continued practicing and even competed in the Southern California yoga regionals in 2008. I graduated from Teacher Training Fall 2010 in my hometown, San Diego. I love the challenge of coming into class every day and overcoming obstacles, gaining balance, and learning to let go.

Teaching has greatly deepened my love and understanding of the practice. Even after all these years, I am always learning something new in the yoga room and enjoy seeing the effects of yoga on all the students.


Maho Tuites

Beginners Hot Yoga

Bio coming soon!