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Studio Etiquette

 Before Class:

  • Be on time.  Arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins if possible to allow yourself to settle in. If you're running late call and if possible you may be able to come a few minutes late.

  • We recommend downloading the Mindbody Online app to schedule classes. This is the easiest way to book, cancel and make purchases. Register for class online HERE.

  • You must be in good health to take class. If you are showing symptoms of being unwell you will be asked to leave and come back when you are better. 

  • Do not come to the studio more than 30 minutes before the class start time for hot classes and 15 minutes for the Vinyasa and Yin style classes, doors will be locked. We will need time to clean before and after class.

  • Turn off cell phones and leave them out of the room.

  • No shoes, gum or glass bottles in the yoga room.

  • When finding a spot in the studio, please do so quietly. Please be considerate of those around you.

  • Please do not block another person’s view of the mirror.  In a full classroom, you need only see a portion of yourself in the mirror.  Adjust your mat as needed to accommodate others.

  • Have clean feet and be perfume free. In consideration for those with sensitivities or allergies, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or strongly scented products in the studio.

  • The yoga studio is a smoke-free environment. If you do smoke, please shower before class.

  • San Diego Yoga Center requires that all students must use a mat and large/beach-sized towel (for hot classes). If you don't have either, we have them for sale.

  • Please leave valuables at home or locked in a locker.  San Diego Yoga Center does not accept responsibility for any valuables that are brought in and are lost or stolen. 

  • For everyone's safety, no extra guests may wait in the studio while classes are in session. Only those taking class are allowed.

During Class:

  • Please practice silence in the yoga room, hold conversations outside in the lobby or hallway.

  • Do not bring anything but towels, mat, and water into the yoga room. Leave bags, purses and all other items in the lockers or at home. We have a few locks to borrow if you forgot yours.

  • Try your best! Yoga is a new experience for many in the room.

After Class:

  • Observe silence after the final savasana. Leave the room quietly, respecting others.

  • Wipe up any sweat around you (please bring extra towels if you are a heavy sweater, leaving puddles on the floor is not acceptable). We sell yoga mats and yoga towels specifically designed to absorb sweat and stay put.

  • Be considerate to your fellow yogis and limit your shower time to 2-3 minutes.

  • Mind that you have all of your things before leaving. Lost and Found is donated regularly.

  • Enjoy the peace and energy you’ve created for yourself here at San Diego Yoga Center!

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