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Tips For Your Home Practice

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This past year we’ve had to learn to be flexible (in more ways than one!) and one of those ways was making a studio practice a home practice We know it’s hard! With these tips we hope you can make the SDYC Zoom or YouTube classes more enjoyable! Namaste.


Step 1: Create space for a mat

Many times people feel like they can't do yoga at home because they have no room. An unrolled mat doesn’t take up much space! Find a small space and make it work!

Step 2: Make sure your space is peaceful.

Remove any clutter, find natural light if possible and try to find a space that’s not too noisy.

Step 3: Invest in some yoga props.

Which you need depends on what classes you take. Popular options include blocks, strap, a bolster, and blanket. You can also use everyday household items such as books for blocks, a belt for a strap and a firm pillow or 2 for a bolster.

Step 4: Keep it clean and organized.

A clean and organized space is more inviting and you’ll be more likely to use it time and time again! Use baskets to store props and clean your space when needed. It will make a difference.

Step 5: Decorate the space.

Whether it be a plant, a picture, tapestry, or a candle- make your space inviting and make it your own! This is a sacred space- just for you! Make it a place you'll look forward to coming to.

Share any tips you have on making the most out of your home practice!

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